Izumi Yoshida
Animation director, animator (2d and stop motion), VFX artist (including composition), illustrator

As a newly-minted PhD graduate from the esteemed Polish Film School in Lodz, I have embarked on a journey that melds my passions for animation and academia. Currently, I have the privilege of contributing as a faculty member at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, where I endeavor to foster creativity and ingenuity in the artists of tomorrow.
With a portfolio as a Director that boasts animated films like "Mirage," "KIGO," and "KINKI," I have been honored with screenings and accolades at various film festivals. My expertise doesn't end here; I am also a proficient Japanese language translator.
My academic pursuits are intertwined with my artistic vision. My scholarship gravitates toward the world of animated films, with a particular focus on artistic and abstract animation as well as studio productions - anime holding a special place in my heart. Additionally, the rich tapestry of Japanese mythology, coupled with the spine-tingling allure of horror in literature and film, forms the cornerstone of my research.
As I tread the path of both an artist and scholar, my objective is to continually push the boundaries of animation and deepen the understanding of the cultural narratives that shape it.
Known programs:
- Adobe CC (After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator and Encore)
- Dragon Frame
- Animator
Traditional media:
- Western traditonal media (oil, acrilic, pastel etc)
- Japanese traditional painting Suiboku-Ga and calligraphy
- Origami
- Japanese - native
- Polish - native
- English - advanced
Additional skills:
- Driving licence
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