‘Kinki’ is an abstract animated film that combines the genres of horror and psychological thriller. The main character, a murderer, records images in his mind which he then uses to reconstruct his crimes. This film attempts to contemplate the real objects (set here and now), which are completely different from the distorted images stored in the killers mind. The matter that surrounds this character, and which he knows so well, is unreal and dreamlike thus unrecognizable. The murderer is devoid of any criteria that would allow him to identify and separate his mental image from reality. Then, slowly, fragments of the images begin to come together forming a logical whole, from which we find out that the murderer is also the victim. 
Darkest secrets of the heart are revealed in a moment of total despair. Human life always remains confronted by death. Suicide is perceived as a form of loyalty to oneself. 
Split Film Festival, Croatia/ Split 5.09.2015
- Special Award „a brave use of camera, music and sound in composing abstract film language of poetic character and wonderful sense of textures. ”
4th National Polish Animation FestivalO!PLA , Poland 20.03-18.05.2016
- Special mention
9th International Film Festival Animator, Poland/Poznań 08-14.07.2016
- The Wojciech Juszczak Special Award for Outsanding Artistic Merits
AnimaSyros 8.0, Greece/Athens 24-27.09.2015
International Festival of Contemporary Animation and Media Art LINOLEUM, Ukraine/ Kiev 5.09.2015
Animacursed Festival, Brasil/Rio de Janeiro, San Paolo 24-26.09.2015
OFAFA 2015, Poland/ Kraków 15-18.10.2015
5th StopTrik IFF, Poland/ Slovakia 11-25.10.2015
Kinofest 2015, Bucharest 26.09.2015
Tricky Women Festival, screening on “Frightening!” programme, Austria  2-6.03.2016
Holland Animation Film Festival, Holland 16-20.032016
NexT International Film Festival, Bucharest 7-11.04.2016
Inconnu Festival, Frane 9.04.2016
International Animated Film Festival Animocje, Poland/Bydgoszcz 18-24.04.2016
Vienna Independent Shorts 2016, ANIMATION AVANTGARDE, Austria 25-31.05.2016
Krakow Film Festival, Poland/Kraków 29.05-05.06.2016
CyBorg Film Festival, Italy 05.08-04.09.2016
International Animated Film Festival Cartón, Argentina 06-12.09.2016 (screening)
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