“Mirage” is an experimental way of showing Japanese and Chinese false friends’ signs. Despite their visual similarity they have an opposing meaning. The film describes the story of a woman meeting a man. It depicts changes that occur between them. Every day they become closer and more intimate with each other and the passion between them grows  stronger. Each character has it’s own way of perceiving the world and understanding love. They both create their own very subjective picture of their partner. The woman fully dedicates herself to her love for the man. Eventually, she realizes that the man doesn’t reciprocate her feelings – he is dishonest in his love. What she initially perceived as love was just false, a mirage.
Se-ma-for Film Festiwal, Poland / Łódź, 10-13.10.2012
Ars Independent International Film Festival  Poland / Katowice 21-30.09.2012
14th Hiroshima International Film Festival (Educational Film Market) Japan / Hiroshima 23–27.08.2012
International Animated Film Festival ANIMATOR , Poland / Poznań 13-19.07.2012
52nd International Krakow Film Festival and International Film Market, Poland / Kraków 28.05-3.06.2012
Animated Film Festival Animocje, Poland/ Bydgoszcz 23-26.02.12
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